Savvy Services


Accounting services/ Savvy Books

As a CPA, CA I offer you the tools to run your business financially savvy while you take care of the business aspects. I will come up with the automation processes you need to create your monthly reports. 

tax planning

I love to discuss tax strategies with my clients! I want to hear your situation and come up with solutions that will maximize your bottom line and help you save on taxes payable.


All the above services can be offered in one of 4 options.

  1. Discovery Calls - Free
  2. Extended Consultation
  3. Financial Clarity
  4. VIP All Day Savvy Session

HEalthy Money Menu™ aka budgeting

I am a firm believer that the 1st step to living financially savvy is by telling your money where to go! I will help you create a Healthy Money Menu™ or Savvy Budget that you will be able to use on your financial journey. 

Once you know how much money you have, you are able to build wealth for yourself and your loved ones. 

Click here to get your Healthy Money Menu template