I'm Atiya - The Savvy Accountant!

I'm Atiya - The Savvy Accountant!

Welcome to my 1st blog! Since it is my first time, I think it is only fitting that you get to know me a little…

My foundation scripture is Proverbs 13:22 - A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.

Hey!!! My name is Atiya aka The Savvy Accountant™ and I am your Savvy Money helper! I like to think of myself as a Financial Growth Accountant, I help you personally grow your finances and help your business with any accounting needs in order to help you Live Financially Savvy!

I am a CPA, CA and I am obsessed with Living Financially Savvy! I was able to pay off over $20K in debt in approx. 5 months, all by taking charge of my finances. I had a great paying job and was still not saving or able to plan for my future like I wanted to. I am a believer that building Generational Wealth is of great importance and I decided that enough was enough!

I was going to take control of my finances in 2017! I set 3 Money goals for myself on January 2th – I would increase my credit score by 100 points, I would invest at least 10% of my salary and I would save at least $1300 based on the 52 week savings challenge.

I am happy to announce that I have been able to do ALL 3 of my goals by Nov 2017!! My credit score went from (FICO 637) in January to (733) in November… while this jump is not 100 points per say – I still have 1 month to go and I’m claiming it!

I was able to invest 14% of my salary by November and I am looking forward to being able to increase that amount to at least 20% in 2018.

I was also able to save over $1450 by November in my Emergency Fund!

Now that you know a little bit of my financial history, here is some personal info– I am a wife (10 years strong, 5 years married), and a mommy to 2 little bits, our daughter is 8 and she is the definition of my mini me (Goat don’t make sheep as the saying goes lol)! She is smart and has a mouth on her that I can only shake my head at… she is quick with comebacks, like her mama! Our son is 3, going on 4 and he is what we like to call an old soul! He is the sweetest little thing, but he can be so serious! I am of Caribbean decent and I have coined the term #TriniJaican to describe myself and siblings. I am half Trinidadian and half Jamaican (the best mix in my opinion lol) You will most probably hear some West Indian sayings slip out every now and then lol (see above goat statement lol!)

Finally, I am the eldest of 5 (2nd of 6 technically, but my older sister didn't live with us during a huge chunk growing up as she had started her family so I was the eldest in the house lol)... so as the eldest, I take my role very seriously. I am protective and want to best for my family. That's why I want you to consider me your Savvy Big Sister, I want the best for you and big sisters only want to see family WIN! So that's me!

Now that I have introduced myself, please do the same in our Live Financially Savvy Facebook group… I created this group to have a shared space where you can all get accountability on your journey to Live Financially Savvy.

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Money Savvy Kids!

Money Savvy Kids!