Savvy Resources

The following are resources that I put together to help you Live Financially Savvy! I have created and worked with all these people/organizations in some capacity and as your Savvy Big Sister, I thought they were all worth presenting.

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The Stocks and Stilettos society

The Stocks & Stilettos Society is a community of beginning investors who are stepping up their financial game by investing in the stock market to achieve their long-term financial goals. Founded by Cassandra Cummings, a licensed financial adviser and investment adviser representative for more than 10 years. She is currently organizing an Investment Conference #SheInvests18 happening in March 2018. 

I am personally a member of the Stocks and Stilettos team and I have since joined an Investment Club after I found this amazing organization in 2017. I will be on a panel at the conference in March 2018!!


real estate summit

The Real Estate Summit was an amazing virtual course that taught me so much about Real Estate investing. I have now set a new financial goal that includes purchasing my 1st multi family unit in 2018.

Learn about Flipping, Wholesaling, Tax Deeds, Rentals, House Hacking and Realty Groups in this six part, online workshop for beginners in Real Estate Investment.  The replay is priceless and I am glad that I can refer back to it for knowledge.

If you are serious about wanting to learn about how to invest in Real Estate, buy this Summit.

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Purpose academy

The Purpose Academy with Michael Tatonetti, has taught me so much valuable information. 

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and you want strategies on how to grow your digital business, Michael is a great teacher.

His membership program includes all his masterclasses, month challenges, office hours and 1 on 1 coaching sessions at a major discount. 

Michael is definitely a man of God and he is using his passion to Do Meaningful Work with others.